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When creating a new content personalization variant for an object (web part, editor widget or web part zone) or editing an existing variant, you can specify the following properties:


Display name

The name displayed in lists of content personalization variants in the administration interface.

Code name

Sets a code name that serves as an identifier of the variant.


Can be used to enter a text description for the variant. To make the variant easier to use and maintain, you can add an explanation about the scenario for which the variant is intended, describe the differences from the original object, etc.


Indicates if the variant should be considered as a possible content option. When an object's variants are processed to determine which one should be displayed, disabled variants are skipped (even if the requirements set by their condition are met).

Display condition

Enter the condition that must be fulfilled in order for the variant to be displayed. By utilizing macro expressions, you can write any condition according to your specific requirements. In order to work correctly, the result of the expression must be a logical (boolean) value.


For details about available macro options and syntax, please refer to the Development -> Macro expressions chapter of the Developer's Guide.


Clicking the edit icon (Edit) opens the Macro condition editor, which provides a graphical interface that makes it easier to build complex conditions.




(CurrentDateTime.Hour >= 9) && (CurrentDateTime.Hour <= 17)


This expression would ensure that the variant is only displayed if the current time is between 9 AM and 5 PM.


Additional information can be found in Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Content personalization.


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